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Friday, February 4, 2005, 00:30 — 0 comments Edit

BlogBridge is a Java-based WebStart enabled blog aggregator. The beautiful thing about it: you can give rankings to different feeds which defines the sort order (feeds with higher rankings are shown at the top). These rankings seem to be a distributed user commenting as it shows defaults it probably fetches from the internet. No privacy statement about that btw. It also has a user interface that shows articles as they appear on a webpage as opposed to in an eMail client, which is definitely positive.

The con is that it currently does not render fonts anti aliased and has no preferences whatsoever for font display. As it's Java it doesn't integrate with my Gnome settings too so font rendering sucks atm and this is crucial for a feedreader. Also setting the browser in the preferences doesn't work (at least not on Linux/Gnome/with Opera) so I can't open links in feeds.

Conclusion: promising UI ideas but not ready atm.

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