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Trackback Spam & Spam Karma

Monday, February 28, 2005, 15:53 — 0 comments Edit

While Lars is a little bit annoyed over my recent WordPress upgrade to Version 1.5 I made a great step forward regarding spam fighting.

Spam Karma now actually works. Which is really great as I used to get about 20-30 spam comments/trackbacks every week, sometimes even more frequent. Before I tried Spam Karma I just disabled the comments form but soon thereafter they started to do fake trackbacks. Spam Karma can handle both comments and trackbacks and since it started working (with WordPress 1.5) I haven’t received a single spam, I didn’t even have to moderate much.

The con is Spam Karma only works that good because the spammers are really simple at the moment. They don’t even try to maskerade in any way. The good thing is: fake characters (e.g. “1” instead of lowercase-“L”) won’t help them. They just do this to get goodGoogle ratings but what good is a perfect Google rating on “texa5 ho1dem”? :-D

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