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Finally a PDF reader for GNOME-Linux?

Tuesday, March 15, 2005, 16:43 — 0 comments Edit

I just tried out Evince, a PDF reader. Displaying a PDF doesn’t sound like a big thing but actually this has been one of the minor annyoances on my GNOME desktop for quite some time. Xpdf, ggv, gpdf, etc. are either badly integrated with GNOME, have a really strange user interface, tend to display PDFs wrong or don’t support basic features like searching.

Adobe Acrobat Reader does not seem to be a real alternative. I’ll try out the 7.0 version soon but the 5.0 just plain sucks. Version 7 promises GNOME integration but according to Luis Villa’s review it doesn’t really succeed on that.

Evince seems to fix that. I can’t really say much about it’s capability to display PDFs correctly (only had a few samples which worked) but integration and user interface seem to be ok. It also supports searching. Evince still lacks some stuff though: multi-page scrolling, the grab-cursor mode for draging the document view, possibly a zoom tool that lets you specify areas to display. But this is (as far as I can see) on their TODO list and might be integrated soon.

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