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Continuations explained

Wednesday, April 13, 2005, 22:01 — 0 comments Edit

Sam Ruby writes about Continuations. I stumbled over the name once but never cared to read more as it seemed somewhat obscure to me. Sam starts his article with this:

This essay is for people who, in web years, are older than dirt. More specifically, if there was a period of time in which you programmed in a language which did not have garbage collection, then I mean you. For most people these days, that means that you had some experience with a language named C.

While this definetly means this article is not intended for me, it’s actually a good explanation and easy to understand for people who have some basic understanding of how computers actually work - at least at the level of call stacks etc.

So while I’m definetly not older than dirt, my mind seems to have aged a lot over studying and programming in C++ the last two years. I knew it was unhealthy ;-)

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