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Firefox Extensions

Monday, May 16, 2005, 13:02 — 0 comments Edit

So it seems the Firefox extensions webpage is very smart and checks if you’re using the latest firefox version. Great.

And if you or your linux distribution somehow suck and do not install the latest firefox update 10secs after it has been released you suck and are thereby sentenced to “no extensions” penalty.

Hello? It’s nice to add something like that, but a “no I don’t want to upgrade, take me to the extensions” button would be quite nice. This somewhat reminds me of the old windows installers that insisted you would reboot you system after installation, no matter what. I can remember using my computer with unclosed but finished installers for longer periods because I didn’t want to reboot …

btw I only ran into this because somehow some extensions must have interefered with each other, and as the net result middle-click-open-tab-in-background stopped working, which is - at least for me - one of the most important features of a tabbed browser there is…

Update: killing all extensions and reinstalling didn’t help. Instead, if I uncheck the “Open middle clicked links in background” option in tabbrowser-preferences it works. A magic inverted checkbox. Gnarf.

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