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Microsoft good at competing

Friday, May 20, 2005, 06:54 — 0 comments Edit

Dare Obasanjo writes:

The main problem is that Microsoft is good at competing but not good at caring for customers. The focus of the developer division at Microsoft is the .NET Framework and related technologies which is primarily a competitor to Java/JVM and related technologies. However when it comes to areas where there isn’t a strong, single competitor that can be focused on (e.g. RAD development, scripting languages, web application development) we tend to flounder and stagnate. Eventually I’m sure customer pressure will get us of our butts, it’s just unfortunate that we have to be forced to do these things instead of doing them right the first time around.

That is probably a very insightful comment. Also, I can’t remember Microsoft creating a whole new market sector to compete in at any time. Microsoft seems to always enter markets very late, then take over the whole market by producing arguably quite good products after some time, and then not much happens anymore. The stagnation is probably because of the complete lack of any serious competition. Does anyone remember a really innovative feature in MS Office ever since it evaded it’s competition?

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