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Collaborative Editing with Gobby

Wednesday, September 28, 2005, 12:47 — 1 comment Edit

There is a text editor for Macs called SubEthaEdit, allowing multiple users to edit files collaboratively. Quite cool, but while the editor is free you have to get yourself at least the smallest hardware dongle at $ 500 (iMac mini).

Now there is Gobby, an editor doing roughly the same for Linux, Windows and Mac. I just tried it out and it does work on a local machine. Unluckily I didn’t have a second box to try the advertised Zeroconf support etc., but it looks very promising!

Now all we need is a generic protocol for alle realtime collaborative editors …

As long as you use closed prioprietary products you’ll probably never get a generic protocol. The SubEthaEdit developers declined our request to release protocol specifications, that’s why we needed to invent a new one for Gobby. Even if all use BEEP, which all claim to be so open, the extensions are not documented neither.