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Atom XML Schema

Saturday, October 8, 2005, 20:53 — 2 comments Edit

Does anyone know about an up-to-date XML Schema definition for Atom 1.0? I only found this one, which is nice, but it doesn’t fit the current spec very good, and I’m too lazy to fix it ;-). There must be a (non-RELAX NG) schema out there, or not?

I’m currently playing around with the Atom Publishing Protocol, Atom itself and this idea of a Atom-based web storage facility. I’m not completly convinced that it’s useful, I mainly wanted to try how hard it would be to implement something like that using X-Hive/DB. Or maybe it’s just that XQuery is being finalized, and I need a new quick moving target to complain about changes in the spec …

Speaking of that, we just released X-Hive/DB 7.0, which is really cool. I will probably write some stuff about it later, when the website is properly updated.

Sorry, I’ll update my schema. I’ve been busy.

Well, nothing to be sorry for. Thanks a lot in advance!