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XQuery too complex?

Tuesday, December 6, 2005, 09:22 — 1 comment Edit

I’m repeatedly reading that XQuery was ‘too complex’, i.e. from Uche Ogbuji on xml-dev or in this article. That may be true if your implementing an XQuery engine, but the surprising thing is that this is mostly claimed by XQuery users (not implementors!).

I kind of wonder why. Sure, the spec took much too long, it’s quite complicated, and with all it’s references too static typing, XML schema etc. it can be quite scary. But which user reads the spec? And why should they?

What you have to know about XQuery are three things:

What you don’t need to know (but may find interesting) is: there is a lot more to XQuery (functions, typing, …), but it wont get into your way if you don’t explicitly ask for it. The whole syntax a newbie who knows XPath and XML, e.g. the typical XSLT 1.0 user, has to understand is this:

  let $foo := “bar”
  for $x in doc(‘a.xml’)/my/xpath[@attr = $foo]
  for $y := doc(‘b.xml’)/more/xpath
  where $x/@id = $y/@id
  order by $x/name
    <newtag>{ $x/name, $y/address }</newtag>

There’s a lot more out there, but this is everything you really have to know. for loops and let statements to aggregate XML, where for easy-to-use joins, XPath to actually get the data, XML literals to group it together. If that’s too complex for you, I don’t know. Anyone who was able to twist his mind around XSLT should be able to use that. Plus, in the areas where XSLT 1.0 fails horribly (strings, grouping, …) XQuery provides the functionality without forcing you to write 20 lines of stylesheet code for “replace($haystack, $needle, $replacement)”. This is just a subset of what XQuery has to offer, but it’s the most important part, and it’s the part that gives the user direct, large benefits over other XML technologies (XSLT, XPath) in querying XML.

The working group took a long time, actually too long, but this is something they really did right. There is a subset, a ‘core’ as Uche Ogbuji calls it, that gives all the important benfits and is really easy to learn.

[…] Some time ago I commented on Uche Ogbuji describing XQuery as too complex. Now Dare Obasanjo writes this: The lessons listed above seem rather self evident and obvious yet it s a sad fact of the software industry that the mistakes of CORBA keep getting made all over again. Core XML technologies like W3C XML Schema and XQuery are ’standards’ without a reference implementation which invented new features by committee instead of standardizing best practice. […]