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MacBook Pro

Thursday, January 12, 2006, 17:19 — 1 comment Edit

I’m thinking about buying one of those MacBook Pros. Linux on a notebook has never really worked for me (suspend, WiFi, modem …), at least not without excessive fiddling. Windows is just not an option - I need a Unix(oid) system.

What kind of annoys me is the pricing. Those things are always a lot cheaper in the US than in Europe, for no proper reason. The US Apple store lists the bigger configuration with 2,499$, the German with 2,599€, and the Dutch with 2689€. With the Euro currently at 1.20 something, 2,499$ translate to about 2080€ - that’s a difference of >500€.

Now to be fair, the German and Dutch stores include luxuries tax of 16% or 19%, but even without that it’s still a difference of over 160€. Why?

I could get a MacBook from the United States, but I guess the calculation doesn’t work out. Apart from possible customs (VAT tax, 16% or 19%, computers themselves are tax free) you’d have to pay about 5% sales tax. Adding to that a new power connector it’s only 300€ difference. Plus you won’t get support in Europe and probably have to mail the whole thing to the US if there is a problem … if you get caught in customs, it’s a plus/minus zero thing, if not, it might save you quite some money. I’m unsure …

Maybe you want to give it a try in Switzerland, starting around CHF 3000 - that’s a bit more than 2000€… :-)