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First MacOS X impressions

Thursday, April 13, 2006, 06:22 — 0 comments Edit

I’m just in the process of getting used to MacOS and my new MacBook. The MacBook itself simply rocks - it’s fast, looks good, runs acceptably long (3.5 or something), etc.

For MacOS, some things are different in a pretty strange way, I definetely need to get used to that. Plus I don’t know some of the very basic things, I’m just learning how to install applications and especially Java applications atm. Something pretty difficult for me is for example text editing. On Windows and Linux there are text editing shortcuts which are supported virutally everywhere. I guess I just don’t know these on MacOS yet, though I also already noticed some differences between e.g. text editing in SubEthaEdit vs. Eclipse.

Regarding “looks good”: Many people say MacOS is extremely beautiful and it’s because of the window theme or the animated effects etc. I don’t think they are right - the major difference is font rendering. On MacOS all text looks really good. Proper anti aliasing where you want it, no anti aliasing if the font is too small etc. I don’t know exactly how they do it, but the effect is that everything looks very professional and is very usable. Nice.

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