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Telekom rant

Monday, August 7, 2006, 14:27 — 0 comments Edit

I’m currently trying to get a telephone/DSL connection for my new flat in Potsdam. There are 3 real providers available, Telekom (ex-monopolist), Arcor and Alice. Both Arcor and Alice offer unlimited calls to fixed networks in Germany and unlimited DSL access (6 MBit) for about 50 Euros. Arcor requires a 24 month contract, so I’ll probably go with Alice.

The funny thing is I wanted to compare this with Telekom’s prices, and I just can’t. Their website has 5 different fixed line contracts, plus three options for those (one with a monthly fee, two with minimum charges), plus four different DSL connections (some with a setup price, some without), some of those include VoIP, plus the DSL flatrate. All of these include some sort of teaser things for their hotspot network and other services.

Plus, there is this brand new thing called T-One, which somehow integrates a mobile phone with a fixed line and DSL. No idea how much that is, or how much calling ist etc. because the prices are apparently secret - you may only see them if you registered with the Telekom website.

Speaking of website, the Telekom company has decided to split up into several business sectors. This means that if you want to get a telephone line and find out how much it will be, you typically visit 3-4 different TLDs (,, plus various etc.). So every second click opens a new window. The motivation is probably that the managers of the single divisions feel more important like that. Completely ridiculous. It seems they just don’t want to have customers. And they even joke on you - every second tag line on their website says “Easy and fast”, they’ve probably had one hell of a time writing that.

In addition to that - I’m not sure, but this is my guess - it seems at Telekom I’d end up with about 60 something Euros for an analogue telephone line, a DSL 2 MBit flat and no telephone flat, for an unknown setup price. Now that’s a competitive price.

There is a VoIP product available from GMX, but it requires a Telekom fixed line (requiring setup) and ends up at 51,94 including the telephone flat. So basically it’s about the same price as a normal line with Alice/Arcor, but you also have the hassle with two companies and the new technology. No thanks.

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