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Mighty right clicks

Sunday, October 22, 2006, 17:41 — 0 comments Edit

I tried the Mighty Mouse, and now I tried the wireless Mighty Mouse. It’s totally impossible for me to reproducibly right click with them. I always manage to actually get a right click from the mouse, but quite often only on the third attempt. This really sucks, it’s both unnerving and unsafe (in situations where a left click means something dramatically different from right click). I heard from others they are fine with the mouse … strange.

Anyways, I’ll rather go with Logitech as in the past. Initially I wanted to get a Bluetooth mouse, but I now figured that wireless gives me close to nothing - if the cable annoys you it’s simply time to tidy your desktop and get the blocking things out of the way :-) - and I’d need to worry about batteries. Plus the higher price of course.

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