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PHP Soap "code generator"

Thursday, November 9, 2006, 12:01 — 3 comments Edit

I somehow tragically got into a project where we need to access fairly complicated SAP WebServices from PHP using SOAP. PHP provides the SoapClient class, but there is apparently no way to generate code from WSDL files to make your life easier. I created two small tools to help me with that, one to make a WSDL definition browsable, another one to somehow generate PHP code from the WSDL.



if (isset($argv[1])) { $wsdl = $argv[1]; } else if (isset($_GET[“wsdl”])) { $wsdl = $_GET[“wsdl”]; } else { echo ‘<form method=“GET” action=“’ . $_SERVER[“PHP_SELF”] . ‘”>’ . “\n”; echo ‘Specify a WSDL to dump: <input name=“wsdl” type=“text”/></form>’; exit(0); }

// replace word character groups delimited by non-words with a hrefs to #word function hrefify($str) { return preg_replace(‘/(\\W)?(\\w+)(\\W)?/‘, ‘\\1<a href=\’#\\2\‘>$2</a>\\3’, $str); }

$options = $SAP_AUTH; try { $soap = new SoapClient($wsdl, $options); echo “<h1>$wsdl</h1>”; echo “<h2>Types:</h2>\n”; echo “<pre class=“prettyprint”>\n”; foreach($soap->getTypes() as $name => $type) { preg_match(‘/\w+ (\w+)/‘, $type, $matches); $name = $matches[1]; echo “<h4><a id=‘$name’>$name</a></h4>\n”; echo hrefify($type); } echo “</pre>\n”; echo “<h2>Functions:</h2>\n”; echo “<pre class=“prettyprint”>\n”; foreach($soap->getFunctions() as $name => $func) { preg_match(‘/\w+ (\w+)/‘, $type, $matches); $name = $matches[1]; echo “<h4><a id=‘$name’>$name</a></h4>\n”; echo hrefify($func); } echo “</pre>\n”; } catch (SoapFault $f) { echo $f; } ?>


 * Use to transform the types in a given WSDL file to PHP classes.
 * <p>
 * Think of this as a really poor code generator…


if (isset($argv[1]) && $argv[1] != “”) { $wsdl = $argv[1]; } else if (isset($_GET[“wsdl”]) && $_GET[“wsdl”] != “”) { $wsdl = $_GET[“wsdl”]; } else { echo ‘<form method=“GET” action=“’ . $_SERVER[“PHP_SELF”] . ‘”>’ . “\n”; echo ‘Specify a WSDL to transform to PHP: <input name=“wsdl” type=“text”/></form>’; exit(0); }

$options = $SAP_AUTH; $actual_types; try { $soap = new SoapClient($wsdl, $options); echo “<pre class=“prettyprint”>\n”; echo “&lt;?php\n”; echo “// This file was generated from $wsdl using create_types.php\n\n”; $types = $soap->__getTypes(); foreach($types as $type) { if (preg_match(“/^struct./“,$type)) { // this is a complex type preg_match(‘/struct (\w+)/‘, $type, $matches); $name = $matches[1]; $actual_types[$name] = $name; echo “class $name {\n”; $lines = array_slice(explode(”\n”, $type), 1, -1); foreach ($lines as $line) { $line = preg_match(‘/ (\w+) (\w+);/‘, $line, $matches); $subtype = array_values(preg_grep(“/^\w+ $matches[1]/“, $types)); if (isset($subtype[0]) && !preg_match(“/^struct./“,$subtype[0])) { // primitive type echo “ // ” . $subtype[0] . “\n”; } else { echo “ // ” . $matches[1] . “\n”; } echo “ public \$$matches[2];\n”; } echo “}\n\n”; } } echo “\$classmap = array(\n”; while (list($name, $class) = each($actual_types)) { echo “ \”$name\” => \”$class\”“; if (current($actual_types)) { echo “,”; } echo “\n”; } echo “);\n”; echo “?>”; echo “</pre>\n”; } catch (SoapFault $f) { echo $f; } ?>

Hey, Have you checked out the SAP Scripting Tool? It is a community effort to make php and SAP integration easier.

More details here…

regards, Nigel

Hey, your code does not work. even after correcting some of the errors it does not work. did you actually test this?

I did at the time, and it worked. Note that this is a very old post from 2006, maybe APIs have changed. Also, this is just a quick script I hacked together, no guarantees. Maybe it at least gives you a pointer?