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Shell script to restore .svn directories in Mac OS X Bundles

Monday, February 11, 2008, 10:00 — 1 comment Edit

Checking in Mac OS X bundles, such as the files created by or Keynote, into Subversion breaks, as Pages removes the metadata directories (‘.svn’) Subversion uses to keep track of file status.

Pretty annoying, and it doesn’t seem to get fixed very soon. Following various links I found a script by Daniel Sadilek that recovers the missing .svn directories. While the script from the blog article itself doesn’t work with directories that contain whitespace, the one posted in the comments by “Percy” does.

Basically you edit your checked-in bundle using Pages/Keynote/…, then run ‘svnrecover <bundlepath>’, and afterwards you can check your stuff in.

I modified it a bit to better handle folder switches by using pushd/popd, so I’m reproducing it here:


# must be dir!
if [ ! -d "$1" ]; then
  echo "Path is not a directory."
  echo "Usage: $0 [bundle directory]"
  exit 1

# get info
dir=`dirname "$1"`
base=`basename "$1"`

# go to dir
pushd "$dir">/dev/null

# prefix

# does it exist?
while [ -x "$prefix.$base" ]; do
  prefixi=$(( prefixi + 1 ))

# move to temp
echo "* moving to temp location..."
mv "$base" "$prefix.$base"

# update
echo "* svn update..."
svn update -q "$base"

# check to make sure it's a dir!
if [ ! -d "$base" ]; then
  echo "Updated path is not a folder! Restoring original!"
  mv "$prefix.$base" "$base"
  exit 2

# go to dir
echo -n "* moving .svn directories"
pushd "$base" >/dev/null

# find .svn dirs
for foo in `find . -type d -name .svn`; do
  if [ -d ../"$prefix.$base"/"`dirname "$foo"`" ]; then
    # only move it if the folder exists in the modified version
    mv "$foo" ../"$prefix.$base"/"`dirname "$foo"`"
    echo -n "."

popd >/dev/null

# replace
echo "* replacing..."
rm -Rf "$base"
mv "$prefix.$base" "$base"
popd >/dev/null
echo "* done."

Helpful, I often do this manually…

BTW, the Mindquarry client uses a patched SVN that stores the .svn directories not inside the working copy but in a mirror below ~/.svndata/. See here

Note that this is still not 100% stable, because subversion was written with the embedded .svn directory in mind and changing that needs many creative workarounds. Eg. embedded .svn dirs are the reason why you need to do an “svn del foo” and cannot do “rm foo” normally, because it has to keep all the folders to avoid deleting all the .svn-metadata.