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Online Dictionary Bookmarklet

Thursday, October 9, 2008, 09:48 — 0 comments Edit is a nice service that translates, amongst others, from Dutch to German. I created a small bookmarklet that allows to quickly translate text on web pages. It’s a direct rip-off from the LEO Dict bookmarklet.

First, drag this link: NL->DE to your address bar. Then select a word on a web page, and klick the link - this should open a window with the translation search. In case you didn’t select anything, you will be prompted for a word to look up.

I’m trying to brush up my Dutch a bit, so apart from the great Woord van de dag service by the Niederlandistik (is that Dutchery in English? ;-)) at FU Berlin, I’ve started reading a bit in the Dutch Wikipedia, and this tool really helps.

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