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Taleo E-Recruitement

Thursday, October 9, 2008, 05:54 — 2 comments Edit

Some time ago I applied at a company that uses the “Taleo E-Recruitement” software. Taleo provides an ASP solution where - basically - HR people can post jobs and applicants can submit resumes. Gartner puts Taleo “in the leaders quadrant”, as their website boasts. Once again, no idea on what Gartner judges (but some hints via Lars), but it’s probably not related to the quality of the product.

I’ve rarely seen such a sucky web app, I thought they had died out somewhen around 2001. Search is pretty much broken, back button is broken, can’t open pages in tabs, can’t post links to jobs, it’s integrated into the company’s site in an iframe so that it takes a maximum of 13 of your screen, you need to create an account and will then be spammed with irrelevant job postings (need to login to turn them off, and the password recovery appears to be broken, too), etc. After you made it through the broken search and registration, you can submit your resume. First you can upload the CV, then you have to fix the automatically extracted name and address (why not just type it?!), then the system expects you to manually type your CV again in plain text, but please with formatting fixed. Then you’ll have to re-enter all the information (work experience, education) from the CV in awkward HTML forms.

What could be simply writing a proper cover letter and sending it in an email including your CV is magically turned into a 1hr+ task, full of broken, annoying software and the constant fear that all your work will be eaten by another browser incompatibility on the last “wizard” page.

Taleo’s website states that there is “Heightened competition for skilled workers.” Yes, very much indeed. But why are you writing software that actively tries to keep people from applying to jobs then? It’s like a specially designed filter that will drive off all the good people that don’t need to put up with this stuff.

Hi Martin,

You are directing your complaints at the wrong target. You should be complaining about the company that uses this crappy software. Taleo is not going to care about your opinion. They will only be interested in whether people buy there software and apparently they do.

If anybody cares about your opinion, it will be the company that is trying to hire people. So what you should be saying is: “Company X uses crappy software and drives away potential job applicants.”, no matter who is creating said software.

You’re right Bas, but I already had my share of complaining in a feedback survey at the company. Of course they are to blame for the software they actually use on their applicants, but I still find the marketing claims of Taleo to be in a sterk contrast with the actual tool…