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Tuesday, November 4, 2008, 10:20 — 1 comment Edit

Some of you already know it: I’ve joined EMC Corporation, starting on Oct 15th. I’ll be teleworking from Potsdam but commuting every month to Rotterdam for one week, which is an ideal arrangement for me.

EMC acquired X-Hive, my former employer in the Netherlands, in summer last year, so I’m basically returning to the company I left some time ago, mostly to finish my studies and try some stuff out (like taking a look into SAPs corporate innards, doing some freelance work).

I’m very happy that this worked out. X-Hive used to be a great employer, with really nice people and very interesting work. And now they suddenly pay much better ;-). Seriously: from my first days, it seems as if the influence of EMC is very good. Of course there is some corporate beaurocracy (which so far seems very acceptable), but on the other hand there are some seriously smart people giving input into my favorite native XML database. There is a huge set of really cool requirements to match, and X-Hive/EMC now certainly has the resources to fulfill them.

I’m very happy to work on this really cool product once again, and I’m particularly happy that it is probably going to have a much larger impact very soon. Nice times.

Congrats! I wish you all the best - especially a lot of fun. Nice to hear you stay in Potsdam/Berlin.