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Mobile phone contracts

Tuesday, February 17, 2009, 20:55 — 1 comment Edit

Recently, I changed my mobile phone provider from O2 to Simyo. It’s quite funny - the regular, contract based mobile phone providers should be delivering a premium for the fact that you pay them a monthly fee and bind yourself to a commonly two year contract. And it’s quite the opposite. With Simyo, I can now actually understand my bills, they have web tools that are actually useful, and I’m paying a lot less. O2 and the other providers appear to be investing the premium money mostly into commercials and sales (all these mobile phone shops in the towns must be really expensive…).

To me, usable web tools and understandable bills are a majore feature in providers of anything, even at a potential slight premium. The complete failure of most phone-related companies at this is really a shame. I would actually happily switch my fixed line provider (Alice) for another one, if I just knew a German telephone company that was actually any better.

Simyo is not as nice as you would think, in December I had a big issue with my invoice not fitting to my call list and they charged me double the amount I actually owed them. Getting answer from them took almost a month and I got a voucher, but the problem is they never explained to me how it got wrong and how they solved it.