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Server move

Sunday, September 6, 2009, 19:16 — 0 comments Edit

As you might know, I used to run this weblog on a virtual server hosted by Hosteurope, the smallest possible configuration. However a small virtual server doesn’t seem to be enough for even the smallest weblog possible (at least when it’s written in Rails…), so I moved this weblog to my own server today.

The trick is that I got a DynDNS domain and point my real domain ( to that one through a CNAME record, and the media server / TV in my living room happily serves the files.

$ dig
[... snip ...]
;; ANSWER SECTION:  81215   IN  CNAME    60  IN  A

The server is a new Mac mini, so it will certainly not have the dreaded out of memory problems. I think I’m even saving money - Apple claims an idle energy consumption of about 14 Watt, which should be slightly cheaper than my server hosting in total. Of course this calculation doesn’t include the hardware, but I wanted that media server anyway ;-)

In the process I also upgraded Rails to 2.3.4, which was a bit painful. But I came from 1.2.something, so some friction probably has to be expected.

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