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HTML5 vs the W3C?

Thursday, November 4, 2010, 11:37 — 0 comments Edit

I agree with Michael Kay’s annoyance about the browser vendors unilateralism, expressed here.

However I think this has a bit of history. The browser vendors started their own thing after the W3C first went off with XHTML into a direction that created lots of problems for browser vendors for no return, and then completely grinded to a halt due to the W3C’s process being gambled and prone to blockading.

So first we had one side ignoring the other side’s concerns, and now we largely have it the other way around, with a lot more open conflicts.

I’d hope we can get over the artificial conflicts that are created here, and get both sides to acknowledge the other’s legitimate concerns. It doesn’t quite look like that’s going to happen soon, though.

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